Gig bag

by Sitcom

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all songs produced by Jake Lazovick
recorded in Baltimore, MD between Sept. 2015 & Jan. 2016

released on tape by DZ Tapes in Aug. 2016;
get a copy over at DZ Tapes page:


released February 5, 2016

cover photo by Maya Ragazzo
album name by Andy Kim & Sam Kenderick
additional vocals by Joanna Smith



all rights reserved


Sitcom Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I'm just trying to sing my song

I live in Philadelphia, PA is my e-mail


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Track Name: crumb
the couch in the house is invisible
there's no moon in the sky
no light on in this household
I walk around blindfolded and hungry
reaching out my arms for a box of saltines
and i imagine a crumb falls to the floor
I imagine myself as a crumb on the floor

and I can move through the fog
it is the fog machine I can't move through
and I can walk through walls
as long as the door is open

the couch in the house is velvet
there's nobody home
no body sitting on it
and I just end up lying on the floor
illuminated by the light from the open door
and I could imagine myself getting up
but I already imagined myself as a crumb
Track Name: wind blows
the wind blows through the american flag
the wind blows through my baseball cap
the wind blows across my blue shoes
the wind blows through my window view

the wind blows through the ice water
the wind blows through the shopping center
the wind blows through the nike shirt
the wind blows through the sweatshop dirt
the wind blows passed a violent act
the wind blows off my baseball cap
the wind blows across my blue shoes
the wind blows through my window view

the wind blows
Track Name: wind
the wind blows through my window view
we passed around joint until we were through
and i passed out in my bedroom
and didn't wake up until the afternoon
Track Name: wind blo s
the wind blows through my window view
we passed around a joint for a round or two
and we drove to the wrong town too

i watched the taillights with my companions
i watched the shop signs through the trees
this one says pepsi-cola, home depot, starbucks coffee

can i talk about peacefulness?
in a world in which peace don't exist
but we drove to the wrong town
and i made some peace with it
true freedom to me
is sleeping in on the weekends
when some people's idea of freedom
is housing their family and feeding them

i have the freedom
to let love haunt me
while some people don't have the freedom
just to eat what they want to
how do i go on singing
when my life ain't at risk?
and do I confuse peacefulness
with privilege?
Track Name: green fleece
green fleece around me
my bed sheets surround me
can't place myself in my surroundings
but my place has found me
I curl up in a familiar pose
curl my body around a pillow
spend some time with the tv glow
until I'm only thinking about videos
and I forget my name
Track Name: shrug
what's left of what you wanted
when you still wanted me
is always on my mind
and i don't take to change so easily
so excuse me for a while
i don't believe in love no more
and i don't believe in the west
just like i did when i was still naive
and i wish i could be again

wasting time ain't a waste of time
if it's how i intend to spend
a good while wallowing
in my loneliness
i flip through the tv
but it only reminds me of you
and i let myself down
like i said i wouldn't do
Track Name: ice water
tables, ladders, chairs
she haunts me from a distance
and I can smell what she is cooking
ice water in the kitchen

tables, ladders, and a rock
she taunts me from the top rope
and i curl up in a bloody pose
I pretend to prefer where I am

we can go on without it
we tried to put our finger on it
we just ended up talking about our hands
and the afternoon light rolls in again

tables, ladders, ice water
the plugged in, but turned off lamp
the afternoon light rolls across my hand
and i can only focus my eyes into a distance
where she is no longer sitting
cause i asked her to join me on this park bench
she was only trying to lend me a hand
but no longer wanted to talk about it
Track Name: silent air
silent air
strikes my hair

hang a shelf

funny beer
funny tears